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Accredited business with an A PLUS rating serving the greater Atlanta Georgia area
IICRC Certified Specialists serving the greater Atlanta Georgia area

24 Hour Emergency Response


Never get treated like an account number with Rosser Catastrophe Services

When a disaster strikes you can count on ROSSER CATASTROPHE SERVICES to be there!

Family owned since 2006, Johnathon Rosser and his team of certified professionals treat each family like his own.

Because each family is unique and every situation is different, an individual plan is made especially to fit your circumstance!

Simply put, you will never be treated like an ordinary "account number".

RCS does more than emergency restoration on your home or business;

We build reliable relationships with the families we service and the insurance companies to

provide a higher level of personalized, family service you simply can't get from any large franchise!

This is our commitment to all of our customers, the community we live in, and something you just can't get anywhere else!


Every minute that passes more damage is being caused our professional technicians can restore your home or business to its pre damaged condtion

When you are dealing with water damage, immediate action is crucial.

Every minute that passes, more damage is being caused to the affected area!

The Professionals at

Rosser Catastrophe Services

respond immediately!

We use advanced equipment and techniques to remove the water quickly.

Our IICRC certified professionals

closely monitor and document the drying process

to verify your property is dried properly and thoroughly!

Dont attempt repairs alone. Rosser Catastrophe Services have the equipment and certification the insurance community admires and stand behind


If your house has been flooded, don’t try to fix the problem yourself!

If the property is soaked bad enough, it won’t dry on its own;

your carpet will be like walking on a saturated sponge.

There is much to be done for restoration of your home,

it needs to be dried, sanitized, and deodorized by a professional with the proper equipment.

We are IICRC Certified specialists in water damage restoration

with the right equipment for the job

and experience to make your house

safe and livable again.

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